Living a healthy lifestyle is important in more ways than one. Aside from feeling mentally and physically good, a healthy lifestyle is good for your wallet.

How To Live A Healthy LifestyleNo one likes to spend their hard earned money on doctors visits and medications. The better you take care of yourself, the lower your medical expenses.

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A few weeks ago, I ended up in the ICU due to severe bronchitis. This illness came out of nowhere and really took a toll on my body. Even now, I am still on doctor's orders to rest.

Because my body shut down and I had to be intubated (tmi?), the doctors performed every test under the sun to make sure I had no hidden pre-existing conditions or other illnesses.

Luckily, every test came back negative and there was nothing else wrong with me!

All the testing made me really self conscious. Even though I was deemed a healthy individual, I started questioning if I was healthy enough.

Every negative thought I could think of popped into my head –  I don't exercise regularly. I need to lose weight. Why did I order pizza last week? Should I be taking more than just a multivitamin?

How much is my lifestyle costing my wallet

My lifestyle is not costing me very much money. I have spent very little on medical related expenses in the past. Last year I went to the doctor once and was prescribed inexpensive antibiotics. Because I have health insurance, I paid a very small co-pay for my doctor visit and pharmacy expenses.

If you are overweight, there is chance you can develop Diabetes and have other medical risks. This can lead to doctors visits, monthly prescriptions and more. This could be very costly to your monthly budget and negative to your wallet.

If you have poor lifestyle habits and do not take care of yourself physically, you are likely to get sick more often. This can also lead to more trips to the doctor and taking medication. You might also spend more on over the counter medication as well.

Here are my healthy lifestyle goals

Now that I am home, I have really thought a lot about my health and where I want to be health wise this year. Here are areas I want to work on this year:

  • Lose weight – I need to drop some weight. My goal is to lose 10% of my current weight. When I was in Weight Watchers years ago, my leader discussed how losing 10% of your cody weight can lead to a lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and decrease your chances of Diabetes.
  • Start Yoga – I have only done yoga a couple times and it makes me nervous. I am not a flexible person and am not much a group class kind of person. I am going to start watching YouTube videos in my apartment. Any recommendations on beginner videos?
  • Eat Clean – I have made a conscious effort the past couple months to stop dining out and eat more meals at home. I have really cut down on processed food and junk food. I plan to keep making fresh meals and eating better.

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Have you ever had any health scares? Do you have any health goals?