general questions

I can be reached at for all comments / questions / inquiries. Please read below first to see if I might have the answer you are looking for!

Pinterest inquiries

*I am no longer accepting new clients for Pinterest management services*

Instead, I can offer you three options! Pinterest Presence is available for purchase and is my exact strategy I use for myself and my clients. This a great option for someone who wants to learn how to use Pinterest without outsourcing.

I can refer you to one of my graduate students from Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!  based on your needs. With over 300+ students who have completed my Pinterest virtual assistant course, we can help you find the ideal VA or Manager for your blog or business.

If you need help wth designing Pinterest pin templates, you can view these pre-made templates that you can customize. I occasionally accept new clients for Pinterest pin design, so reach out to me at


I love providing interviews and quotes! I enjoy working with bloggers, businesses and most recently, appearing on CBS news

I am available for interviews and quotes regarding side hustling, entrepreneurship, starting a business, blogging and Pinterest topics.

Please contact me at so we can discuss your fun project!

workshops + speaking engagements

I would love to work with you! I am available for workshops and speaking engagements.

My recent appearance includes hosting a 3 hour Pinterest training workshop for online entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Please contact me at to discuss everything in detail.

sponsorships + partnerships

I love working with brands when it makes complete sense for both parties involved! We can work on a wide range of partnerships including blog posts, social media, in-person events and more.

Please contact me at for all inquiries and for my media kit.

1:1 Help + Emails

Due to time restraints, I take on a very limited amount of clients who are looking for 1 on 1 help. However, when time permits, I try to help as many Creatives as possible, and offer 30 minute consultations, so please reach out to me.

Depending on what you are looking for, you might be able to find your topic by doing a search on this blog (the search bar is in the top right corner or bottom of this page).

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I receive a large number of emails per week, and while I respond to every email, please be patient 🙂


At this time, I'm not accepting guest posts, but thank you so much for thinking of me! With posts like this one and this one, I regularly reach out to bloggers + entrepreneurs.

Make sure you follow me on Facebook and Twitter as that is where I ask fellow entrepreneurs for quotes on blog posts. I provide links back to your site as long as you help promote the article on social media 🙂

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