Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great month. Is anyone else ready for the clocks to change and the days to get longer? I cannot wait for spring to get here!

blog worth reading

Here are a few blogs that I loved in February

Know Your Value

  • Tonya wrote a fantastic article about how to value yourself when it comes to freelancing . Whether you're new to freelancing or a veteran, Freelancing Lessons: You're Worth It is a must read!

Saving Money

  • Chonce from My Debt Epiphany weighed out the pros and cons when she wrote  When Moving to Save Money Becomes a Habit. This is a hot topic in the Kristin household as I have been pondering the same thing.


  • Need to get rid of the clutter but don't know where to start? The Write Budget offers some tips on How to Get Rid of Stuff.


How to Say Yes

  • This 7 second cat video made my day! Yas Cat

 Did you have any favorite posts from February?